The safety of your child is our top priority.  All OmniQuest chaperones, staff, and volunteers must complete federal and local background checks and fingerprinting.  At least one chaperone on each trip will be First Aid and CPR trained. 

What is the age requirement for participants? 

OmniQuest works with youth in 3rd through 12th grade. 

How much will my child have to pay for a trip? 

Your child’s contribution will be determined in consultation with you.  Many different ways to raise the necessary funds will be undertaken.  It is OmniQuest’s goal that lack of finances will not preclude any participant from traveling with the group. 

How many chaperones participate?  How are they selected? 

For every 5 participants, there will be at least 1 chaperone.  Chaperones are staff members who go through a rigorous application and interview process.  They must complete federal and local background checks and fingerprinting as well as confirmed not to be on the Sex Offender Registry or the Child Protection Registry.  As the safety of your child is our top priority, at least one chaperone on each trip will be First Aid and CPR trained. 

What type of activities will my child participate in while traveling abroad? 

The activities will be dependent on the location of the trip.  However, no matter where your child travels, your child will tour the location, eat food native to that place, and participate in a service-learning project. 

What happens on a college tour? 

Visiting colleges and universities has the ability to motivate and inspire young people to think about what school they would like to attend, as well as, what career they would like to pursue.  At each school, participants will have the opportunity to tour the schools, the residential and athletic facilities, as well as, meet professors, admissions, and financial aid personnel.  By the end, hopefully, they will start to envision themselves in the collegiate environment or develop a realistic post-graduation plan.

Are parents allowed to travel with the program? 

Parents can travel with the group at their own expense and must follow all program rules.  Your child will not be allowed to share lodging with you, as participants must remain with the group and their chaperone at all times. 

When will applications be available?

Applications will be available in January.  Deadline to apply will be announced. 

What about COVID-19?

All activities will be virtual until it is deemed safe to travel and convene without restrictions.

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