OmniQuest recognizes that although youth are resilient, to thrive within a dynamic world, African-American youth need racial-ethnic socialization for opportunities to discuss social issues that are directly relevant to their lives. By providing safe, stable, nurturing environments, relationships, and experiences, we help the youth to develop greater capacity for making good decisions that lead to positive outcomes and ultimately strengthen connections to the family and community.

The primary areas of service delivery are: (1) domestic and international travel; (2) Black history cultural academy; (3) oratorical and written skills development; (4) financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills; and (5) conflict resolution.


OmniQuest Adventures is the youth travel club. Each summer, participants will travel to an international destination where they complete a service-learning project. To prepare for the excursions, the youth will work together for nine months studying the culture and language, if necessary.


A key outcome of OmniQuest Adventures is college/career readiness. To that end, youth will participate in an annual spring break college tour to witness firsthand college life. Our Historically Black Colleges and Universities college tours will provide the opportunity to visit multiple college campuses in a single trip. With over 100 historically black colleges and universities, multi campus college tours give students a solid understanding of history, culture, and traditions that have shaped our collective legacy. 

For additional information, refer to the FAQs.


OmniQuest Cultural and Education Academy will focus on teaching Black history through an unfiltered lens. Beyond the prominent figures typically sited, the Academy will offer insight into the contributions African-Americans have made in American history. This will be accomplished through various modalities including visits to museums, historical sites, workshops, speakers, and digital media. An integral component of the curriculum will be The 1619 Project.


OmniQuest Media will serve as the clearinghouse for developing and refining the youth’s public speaking and writing skills. It is anticipated that each month, the youth will create a podcast as well as blog posts to be featured on this website. Under adult supervision, youth will work together to address questions posed through OmniQuest Confidential, the online advice column.

What is done in love, is done well.

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