Working Together to Build Strong Leaders

There is no manual to success. It takes a village of people, a safe and stable environment, high quality programs and unique experiences to level the playing field for boys and girls of color. OmniQuest Youth Empowerment Initiative is willing to do whatever it takes to build our future leaders of tomorrow. Learn how you can help!


OmniQuest will propel youth grades 3 through 12 from under-resourced communities to reach new heights by providing opportunities to think beyond their circumstances through social and emotional growth and development, cultural and educational enrichment, and international and domestic travel.


OmniQuest will inspire African-American youth to THINK BIG, DREAM BIG, and DO BIG things so each child aspires to reach their maximum potential.


We work with invincible and fearless youth from the DC metropolitan area who are interested in exploring the world and reaching their global potential. Our youth seek to be ambassadors of their communities and use their leadership to inspire their peers.


Our OmniQuest Program is an international travel and leadership development program for DC metropolitan area middle school and high school boys and girls of color.