OmniQuest Youth Empowerment Initiative follows a 5E Framework that focuses on five core areas of programming:
Education, Exposure, Empowerment, Experiences, and Economics.


Education is the foundation from which all other opportunities will sprout. The OmniQuest Cultural and Education Academy is our Black history curriculum, helping to broaden the mind of our youth by opening up a world of new possibilities through cultural and educational experiences thereby creating a safe space for youth to learn and reaffirm the richness and diversity of the African American experience.


International exposure leads to enhanced soft skills as well as high-level critical thinking skills. In addition to being exposed to educational and travel opportunities, OmniQuest Media focuses on exposing youth to conflict management, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. We are disrupting the pipeline to prison by working to close the achievement gap.


Developing empowered youth is important and often starts with them understanding their history so they can stand confident in who they are. At OmniQuest, we empower youth to make positive choices that will enhance their social and emotional well-being as well as strengthen their communities. Additionally, we offer OmniQuest Confidential, an advice column which provides a safe space for our youth to use positive conflict resolution skills, express their opinions, and amplify their voices.


OmniQuest Adventures is a youth travel club that offers participants the opportunity to travel away from home.  Each spring, the youth will participate in an exclusive college fair as well as take an HBCU college tour. During the summer, they will travel internationally.  In preparation for the excursion, youth will work together to study the culture, history, food and language, if necessary, of each travel destination.  Additionally, they will design a service-learning project to be executed during the adventure.  At the conclusion of the trip, participants will document the adventure through the production of a group project.


OmniQuest Treasure Trove is an online boutique that provides opportunities for creative growth and development coupled with laying a foundation for entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills.


Support OmniQuest with a charitable donation and help shape a brighter future for African American youth. Together, we can rewrite narratives, defy expectations, and cultivate a generation of confident, empowered, and resilient leaders.